So you’ve just heard it... Our hostel, The Lausanne Guesthouse, will move in June 2018 to a new building. 🎉

How will it be? And why are we moving? Here comes the spicy details..! 

So, how will it be?

The new location: We are going to move to a really nice neighboorhood in the Lausanne center, next to the historical town with the cathedral. It’s close to many small shops, cafés and restaurants. Simply expect a great atmosphere! You can also access any parts of the city just by walking, which is always nice. From the train station it just takes 5 minutes (with the direct subway) to get to the hostel.

Here’s the exact new address:
Rue Marterey 13 and 15, 1005 Lausanne
You can check on Google Maps

The new building: Our new building is in the process of full renovation. That means all the interior will be brand new and of higher standards than we’ve ever had... Sweet, right? The building itself has a bigger capacity than our previous hostel, but it’s still of a decent human size (not a factory, nope!).

Here’s a highlight of what you’ll have:
  • a big lobby with areas of different moods
  • the reception and a snacking bar
  • a private terrace  
  • free wifi (because who can live without wifi nowadays?)
  • a conference/dining room for groups

For the rooms: we’ll still have private rooms equipped with TV (single, double, triple) and dormitories. All of them will have their own bathroom inside. Some rooms will have a balcony, some will even have the view on the lake and the cathedral. Amazing, uh?

Why are we moving?

Well, sometimes in life, things can take an unexpected turn... You probably know that. So here’s what happened to us.

Lausanne is a growing city. More and more people commutes by train on the “arc lémanique” (the area between Montreux - Lausanne - Geneva). As a result, the Swiss railway company CFF has decided to make the Lausanne train station bigger. Extending requires to take more space.

So what? Guess who’s just next to the train station? Our current hostel 😱, of course! Learning that our sweet building would get demolished (as part of the station extension) was tough news at first, until we noticed something...

Sometimes you don’t realize that a bad news isn’t maybe all bad. Maybe it’s actually even good. We had started our project The Lausanne Guesthouse in this exact building in 1998. We had gone from a starting business to a thriving one. Year after year, we were working hard at doing better for our guests. It worked. It worked really well. But, suddenly we weren’t able to move forward as much as we used too. Had we reached our comfort zone in that building?

The bad news of having our building demolished was actually the most positive kick in the ass. We had to go out there and completely start over. Goodbye comfort zone. When starting from scratch again with our many many years of experience, trust us, you can aim at doing much better than you’ve ever done. Time to raise the bar! The rest of the story is about us looking for a new building in our beloved city. A building that would allow to raise the bar. A building where all of our guests would still feel at “home” as in our previous one. We’ve found it. We’re renovating it. With great care, as usual. It’ll be brand new just for you!

Oh, a little something to celebrate

As part of these big changes, it was time also to level up our brand.
We’re happy to announce our new visual identity! A fresh website is on its way...

All of this to say...

A lot changes for us: it’s a whole challenge that we’re embracing eagerly. For you: it means that you’ll have an even nicer place to stay in Lausanne, with the same spirit!

We’re sooo excited and we can’t wait to raise the bar.
We can also admit we’re a little scared... But that’s a good sign of getting out of the comfort zone, right?

See you really soon for the better! 👋

Anne-Marie and the whole team 😊

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