Discover 👀 our brand new 💎 city-centre building where we move on June 1st 2018

Firstly, here are some 🖼 of the new building and rooms...

And here’s what you can learn on this page:
  • The location
  • The building and the rooms
  • How to book or get more info
  • Why we move

The location:

Our new building is in a great city-centre neighboorhood of Lausanne, very close to the cathedral and the historical centre. Public transports are very close. From the train station, it just takes 5 minutes with the subway to get there.

Here’s the exact new address:
Rue Marterey 13 and 15, 1005 Lausanne
You can check on Google Maps

The building and the rooms:

We’ve renovated the entire building, so expect it to be all fresh and new!

Here’s a highlight of the building:
  • a big lobby with areas of different moods
  • the reception and a snacking bar
  • a private terrace  
  • free wifi (because who can live without wifi nowadays?)
  • a conference/dining room for groups

For the rooms: we have both private rooms equipped with TV (single, double, triple) and dormitories. Each has its own bathroom inside. Some rooms have a balcony, some have the view on the lake and the cathedral. 

How to book or get more info:

For now, you can book by email at or phone +41 21 601 8000

If you have any questions or issues about this, contact us by email at or phone +41 21 601 8000

Why we move:

You can find the whole story about this here!

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